To be an artist means first of all to be free. Our society’s attempt to limit the creative imagination, by whatever means, results in a diminution and impoverishment of the possible enrichment that art and life itself can bring.


I know that contemporary artists who understand harmony and beauty as a higher state of natural culture, have an ethical and moral obligation to understand what surrounds us and nature has given us as a gift and part of a universal Law and to protest against everything that has a negative effect on life and one’s own development as not part of this Law. This is one of the most important tasks of an artist today.


A new esthetical understanding must be achieved In order to enlarge the capacity of art and to integrate it in all of its aspects in the symbiosis of all things: Life - Human Being - Art.


Art, and the pleasure that emerges from esthetical enjoyment, is the ritual with which we give life a sublimated sense of meaning.


One by one, the medium, its powers and its materials are investigated In order to achieve inner, intimate knowledge. In this way, art achieves a cumulative effect, unites its powers and creates for the first time like the great wisdom of perfect balance the unified mysteries of the whole.


Understanding beauty and knowledge of its harmony are the keys to the door that leads into an expanded space of seeing and hearing that transcends our conception of time and space. The creation of beauty leads us to higher spheres, to our origins.


Magic and light that I have encountered on my way in my work are just as real as any obvious and tangible reality.







The only reality is the great miracle of life And the human being within it: Our infinitely creative power and how it is used. Space comes into being:


Art is revelation which is formed and anchored by the skill of the artist. Just as the ancient Greeks did when they sculpted images of their gods, the artist acts as medium which requires him/her to abandon him/herself as an artist and to act merely as a transmitter, to transmit what he/she receives in complete transparency. Thus the form is shaped and polished and finally loved through the essential nature of the artist – who, as a medium, becomes a creative creature- leading to the birth of the work of art as described. Transparency reveals the skill and know-how of the artist to the beholder Artwork that energizes and stimulates is proof of this process, for dead matter can never reach the emotions, thus remains insignificant, without form really. Energizing, stimulating, in short energetic works of art are proof of this process, for dead matter is incapable of reaching the level of emotions and remains insignificant, in other words, formless. Therefore the intention of art is revelation.


Art is born from the breaking forth of a living part of the soul of the artist and manifests itself in the form of the artwork.& This act of birth reflects the level of maturity of the creator and and breathes character into the piece of art Unconsciously, the viewer, visitor or art lover picks up this energy which will allow for a new creative perspective and advance his personal consciousness by looking into the mouthpiece of the artist. Thus the cycle of proffered and received current is closed which in turn forwards the impulse in vital flow.